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Once Angelique's helplessly bound and punished, she becomes very obedient. One of our most erotic videos yet. Her pantyhose black lingerie and boots. Angelique walks into a nearby corner store to discover a sexy prostitute trying to rob the store! The table with her hands and legs tied to the arms of the chair. Even stronger! The master is thrashing in the ropes. She had never even used a vibrator. To do anything.

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Sister Dee is interested in leaving her mark on Nyssa Nevers. The pain, the memories, all of it will come rushing back to her when she sees the marks. The more painful, humiliating and frightening the experience is, the faster it will drive her back to Sister Dee for more.

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I've had some light scenes and some heavier scenes with a select group of doms. Right now, nobody has been able to calm my desire to be tied up and, well...used. If you need more pictures to make your decision, please let me know. I think you do what we just did.

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He may take a break to whip her, but what her really wants is her cunt and he's going to get it. When he ties her up with her legs to the sky it leaves both of catherine's holes perfectly exposed and angled for play time. she can barely complain through the gag and her cunt starts to open up to accept even more so PD starts sticking his hand in.

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Another bondage virgin for Waterbondage...don't you love it when new girls try out bondage for the first time? Jasmine Byrne; only 19 years old, a nice shaved pussy and a tight little 5'1 body to play with. She's excited, but also nervous...reactions like this can be seen only the first time a girl is tied! We bind her tight and watch her struggle as we force the orgasms out of her!

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Strapped tight in leather belts that cup her round ass cheeks and bind her wrists to her thighs, she is hoisted up off the grounds, legs chained wide open. Her skin is pulled tight from the pressure, ensuring she will feel each spank, each stroke, each smack most intensely as the various implements make impact in the most tender of places.

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Sister Dee is interested in leaving her mark on Nyssa Nevers. There needs to be a record of everything to trigger memories of their time together. Every lash leaves a trail that is a clear symbol of the suffering. When Sister Dee applies clamps to the parts that make Nyssa scream she makes sure that they have enough pressure to leave their own marks.

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